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Padonma Lotus Robe

Long since the arrival of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, offering various kinds of sacred robes to the Pagodas, Buddha Images and members of the Sangha have been upheld. Among various kinds of sacred robes, Padonma lotus robe from lotus fibre is regarded as sacred.

And this kind of sacred robes can only be found of Inlay Lake because Padonma lotus can only be
grown in Inlay Lake. After getting the Padonma
Lotus Stalks form the Lake, these stalks are cut into pieces and from these stalks, fibre can get. These fibres are rolled into a tiny thread. About 50,000 of Padonma lotus are needed to complete a robe of human size.

This thread can be rolled into handlooms. The lotus stalks are plucked and then washed.

Later it soaked again in rice congealed and dried. The dried yarn is again spun and then it is made ready for finally weaving into a rope.

Weaving a Padonma lotus robe is very time consuming and it has to work laboriously so it's no doubt its very expensive.

The quality of this Padonma lotus is light, fragrant and suitable for all seasons. And if you have a chance, do come and visit Inlay Lake and you can study the process of weaving Padonma Lotus robe.
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